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Huang Chang, styled Yuanji, was a famous inner alchemy master living at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). A local of Fengcheng County, Jiangxi Province, he traveled to Ziliujing of Sichuan and was entreated to stay by some Dao-lovers. He established the Hall of Blissful Teaching( 《樂育堂》 Leyu Tang ) and taught the way and formulae of inner alchemy there. Over ten years later, he dismissed the Hall and left. The content of his teachings was recorded in works such as Quotations from the Hall of Blissful Teaching ( 《樂育堂語錄》 Leyu Tang Yulu ), Notes and Commentaries of the Book of Dao and its Virtue ( 《道德經注釋》 Daodejing Zhushi ) (also titled Lectures on the Book of Dao and its Virtue ( 《道德經講義》 Daodejing Jiangyi ) ), and Essential Sayings of Daoism ( 《道門語要》 Daodejing Jiangyi ). His way of inner alchemy was centered on the "Aperture of the Mysterious Gate" ( 玄關一竅 Xuanguan Yiqiao ) and characterized by syncretism of Confucianism and Daoism. Deep in content and simple in teaching, his way of inner alchemy has attracted the attention of contemporary learners.