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Record of the Immortals Encountered at Ganshui

Li Daoqian of Yuan compiled the 10-volumed Record of the Immortals Encountered at Ganshui ( 《甘水仙源錄》 Ganshui Xianyuan Lu ), or the Record of the Immortals Encountered at Ganshui Spring ( 《甘泉仙源錄》 Ganquan Xianyuan Lu ). According to the author's preface, Wang Chongyang met at Ganshui Town true immortals in the summer of the 4th year of the Zhenglong era of the Jin dynasty. The immortals offered him divine water to drink and transmitted him the true formula. Then Wang abandoned worldly family and relations to cultivate the Dao. The book collected the decree given by the Shizong Emperor of Yuan in the 6th year of the Zhiyuan era to the five patriarchs and seven perfect men ( 五祖七真 Wuzu Qizhen ) of the Complete Perfection Tradition ( 全真道 Quanzhen Dao ), the inscription records of the sect's patriarchs and over sixty disciples, and inscriptions for the sect's temples. As a collection of the decrees and inscriptions about the sect collected in the Subsection of Biographies, Pervasive Divinity Section of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era, the book is important material for the study of the Complete Perfection Sect and treasured by scholars.