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Taiji.png The Three Pristine Ones, the Four Heavenly Ministers and the Highest Emperors of Heavens

The Three Pristine Ones

The Four Heavenly Ministers

  • The Great Jade Emperor
  • The Great Heavenly Emperor of the Highest Palace of Polaris
  • The Middle Heaven Great Emperor of the North Pole Star of Purple Subtlety
  • The Imperial God of Earth


Taiji.png The Stellar Sovereigns

Taiji.png Divine Generals of the Thunder Agency

Taiji.png Spirits of Mountains, Rivers, Seas and Thunder

Taiji.png Guardians of Hell

Taiji.png Spirits of the Soil and Local Protector Spirits

Taiji.png Perfect Men and Immortals

The Four Greatest Perfect Man

  • Perfect Man of Nanhua (Zhuangzi)
  • Perfect Man of Pervasive Mystery (Wenzi)
  • Perfect Man of Dongling (Kangcangzi)
  • Perfect Man of Emptiness (Liezi)

The Four Greatest Celestial Masters

The Five Northern Patriarchs

The Five Southern Patriarchs

The Seven Perfect Ones of the North