Record of the Assembled Female Immortals of the Walled City

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The original 10-volumed Record of the Assembled Female Immortals of the Walled City ( 《墉城集仙錄》 Yongcheng Jixian Lu ) by Du Guangting of the Tang records 109 female immortals. The original version was lost and the present version in the Daoist Canon has only 6 volumes, recording 37 female immortals, including the Holy Mother and Primordial Sovereign ( 聖母元君 Shengmu Yuanjun ), Madam of Upper Origin ( 上元夫人 Shangyuan Furen ), the Golden Mother and Primordial Sovereign ( 金母元君 Jinmu Yuanjun ), Manifest and Numinous Madam Li ( 昭靈夫人 Zhaoling Furen ), etc. According to legend, all female immortals are under the governing of the Queen Mother of the West who lives in the Jinyong City (the Walled City). The book, recording only female immortals, therefore has the name of this city in its title. This version is collected in the Subsection of Genealogies, Pervasive Divinity Section of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era. Seven Slips of the Cloudy Satchel collects in vol. 114-116 three volumes of this book recording 27 female immortals headed by the Mother Queen of the West. The 3-volumed version, according to the Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of the Four Repositories, is the original by Du Guangting, of which the 6-volumed version is an extended copy compiled by later people.