Temple of Immortal Pei (Fuzhou, Fujian)

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The Temple of Immortal Pei ( 裴仙宮 Peixian Gong ) is situated on Suwei Street, Gulou District, Fuzhou City. It was orginally founded in the period of Emperor Yingzong of the Northern Song dynasty (1064-1067). It enshrines Immortal Pei, who is also known as Perfect Man ( 真人 Zhenren ) Supervisor Pei. It is said that Perfect Man Pei was popularly named Zhou Jianjie. He was a private assistant in the Fujian military governor's administration. Before his death, when assisting in governing, he always bestowed favors on the people, and after work, he extensively spread Daoist doctrines and encouraged people to do good, so he had many followers. Having attained Dao, he ascended to immortality against the big banyan tree in the government office. Moved by his merits and virtues in all his life, later generations built a hall to the north of the banyan tree to enshrine him, and venerated him as "Blessed Immortal, Perfect Man Pei, who expanded the great Dao and good virtues".

In history, the Temple of Immortal Pei attracted a large number of worshippers in Fuzhou. Every year on the tenth day of the third lunar month, the immortal's birthday, officials from all the government offices went to the temple to burn incense and did obeisance, and all the stores and townspeople worshiped him piously. The whole city was astir with jubilation. In 1923, when Sa Zhenbing assumed the governorship of Fujian Province, he raised funds to renovate the temple, expanding it to Suwei Street. In 1924, when Chen Yi became chairman of Fujian Province, he enlarged the temple into a double-floored building. In 1943, the local people collected money to reconstruct it again. In 1955, the temple was discarded for urban construction. In 1988, local Daoist believers and compatriots in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas countrymen jointly pooled funds to reestablish the temple.

Ever since modern times, along with the emigration of Fujian people, belief in Immortal Pei has spread to Hong Kong, Macau and overseas as well. For example, there is a Temple of the Governor in Sanchong Town, Taibei County, Taiwan, where the major divinity worshipped is Immortal Pei.