The Lofty and Sublime Book of the Limitless Salvation

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The Book of Salvation ( 度人 Duren Jing ), whose author is unknown, is a scripture of the Numinous Treasure sect ( 靈寶 Lingbao ) of Daoism. Its full name is The Lofty and Sublime Book of the Limitless Salvation of the Supreme Pervasive Mystery and Numinous Treasure ( 太上洞玄五亮度人上品妙經 Taishang Dongxuan Lingbao Wuliang Duren Shangpin Miaojing ), and it is also called The Lofty and Sublime Book of the Primordial Limitless Salvation of Mankind ( 元始無量度人上品妙經 Yuanshi Wuliang Duren Shangpin Miaojing ). Its theme is that "the immortal Dao values life and saves mankind limitlessly". Similar to the Perfect Book of the Great Grotto ( 大洞真經 Dadong Zhenjing ), this book advocates Fasting ( 齋戒 Zhaijie ) and Recitation of Holy Scriptures ( 誦經 Songjing ), and discusses the Skills of Visualization ( 存思 Cunsi ). The publication of the Book of Salvation led to new developments in Daoist teachings. The visualization of Body Spirits ( 身神 Shenshen ) developed into praying for protection by spirits outside one's body through fasting, burning incense and reciting scriptures, and more perfect Daoist rituals of Fasts and Offerings ( 齋醮 Zhaijiao ) were thus established. The book is revered as the origin of all skills and the leader of all scriptures. It is placed in the first place in the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era ( 正統道藏 Zhengtong Daozang )