The Perfect Book of Master Dongling

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The Perfect Book of Master Dongling ( 洞靈真經 Dongling Zhenjing ), i.e., the Kangcangzi, which is also called the Gengsangzi, was said to have been written by Gengsang Chu of the Zhou dynasty. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty worshiped Dao. In the first Tianbao year (AD 742), he conferred upon Kangcangzi the title Perfect Man ( 真人 Zhenren ) Dongling and respectfully called his book the Perfect Book of Master Dongling. It is not collected in the Bibliographical Records ( 藝文誌 Yiwenzhi ) of the History of the Han Dynasty ( 漢書 Hanshu ) nor in the Bibliographical Records ( 經籍志 Jingjizhi ) of the History of the Sui Dynasty ( 隨書 Suishu ), while its two volumes are contained in the Bibliographical Records of the New History of the Tang Dynasty ( 新唐書 Xian Tangshu ). Originally appearing as the allegorical character "Gengsang Chu" in the Book of Master Zhuang ( 莊子 Zhuangzi ), Kangcangzi was later immortalized in Daoism. Volume four of the Mirror of Immortals ( 先鑒 Xianjian ) says that he was a native of Chen, and having acquired the Dao of the Venerable Sovereign ( 老君 Laokun ), he was able to look with his ears and listen with his eyes. The whole book is divided into nine chapters, namely Comprehensive Dao ( 全道 Quandao ), Usage of Dao ( 用道 Yongdao ), The Dao of Government ( 政道 Chendao ), The Dao of Sovereigns ( 君道 Jundao ), The Dao of Subjects ( 臣道 Chendao ), The Dao of Virtuous Persons ( 賢道 Xiandao ), The Dao of Obedience ( 順道 Shundao ), The Dao of Agriculture ( 農道 Nongdao ), and The Dao of Military Affairs ( 兵道 Bingdao ). Except for the chapter Comprehensive Dao that is taken from the chapter Gengsang Chu in the Book of Master Zhuang, all the other chapters are taken from the Liezi, Wenzi, L¡L1's Spring and Autumn Annals ( 呂氏春秋 Lushi Chunqiu ), the New Commentary ( 新序 Xinxu ), etc. Many of them are ancient and remarkable writings. The existing three volumes of the Commentary on the Perfect Book of Master Dongling ( 洞靈真經注 Dongling Zhenjing Zhu ) by He Can are collected in the Jade Formulae ( 玉訣 Yujue ) subsection of the Pervasive Divinity section ( 洞神部 Dongshen Bu ) in the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era ( 正統道藏 Zhengtong Daozang ).