The Pristine Subtlety Sect

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A new Talismans and Registers sect emerging at the end of the Tang dynasty and combining Inner Alchemy and Talismans and Registers, the Pristine Subtlety sect attributed its Talismans and Registers to the Primeval Heavenly Lord of Pristine Subtlety. This was the origin of the sect's name. According to the Pristine Subtlety Genealogy of Immortals, the Pristine Subtlety sect was founded by Zhu Shu, who lived in Lingling (Guangxi) during the Tang dynasty. The sect's generation patriarch was Nan Bidao who, as a hermit on Mt. Qingcheng of Sichuan, transmitted Thunder Magic to Huang Shunshen, who afterwards became very famous in the capital city for his Thunder Magic. He was not only summoned by emperor Lizong of the Song dynasty, but in the Yuan dynasty was also granted the title 'Perfect Man and Universal Revealer of Blessings from the Thunderous Origin'.

As tenth generation patriarch, Huang Shushen developed the scriptures of the Pristine Subtlety sect. As a result, more followers joined the sect, which also spread to more places. Similar to The Divine Heaven Sect, the Talismans and Registers of the Pristine Subtlety sect were characterized by Thunder Magic which included many techniques and regarded Internal Refinement as the root of practise, and Talismans and Registers as its fruit.