The Pristine Water Tradition

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A branch of the Five Pecks of Rice Tradition, the Pristine Water Tradition came into being under the name of Celestial Master Zhang's servant. The tradition used 'Pristine Water' to cure the sick. According to the Book of Esoteric Explications of the Three Heavens, on the Day of Pure Light (in the fifth solar term, a day for expressing wishes), the sick should burn incense and pray before a jar of 'Pristine Water' considered to contain Dao. According to historical data, the Jianwen Emperor Sima Li of the Eastern Jin dynasty (AD 317-420) was a disciple of Wang Puyang, a master of the Pristine Water Tradition living in the capital city, who used 'Pristine Water' to heal the sick and had prayed for the birth of his son. In terms of Magical Skills, the Pristine Water Tradition belonged to The Daoist Magic Charms Sect.