The Supreme Book of Nourishing Life and Embryonic Breathing

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The 1-volumed Supreme Regimen Book of Embryonic Breathing ( 《太上養生胎息氣經》 Taishang Yangsheng Taixi Qi Jing ) was written by some unknown author. It contains the way of six Yang hours ( 六陽時法 Liu Yangshi Fa ), the secret Higher Clarity way of breath ( 上清氣秘法 Shangqing Qi Mifa ), the way of Higher Clarity ( 上清法 Shangqing Fa ), the chart of timely tonic and outlet ( 檢時含景補泄圖 Jianshi Hanjing Buxie Tu ), the chart of the lung, the chart of the heart, the chart of the liver, the chart of the spleen, the chart of the kidney and the chart of the gallbladder. It focuses on embryonic breathing ( 胎息 Taixi ) and is illustrated with charts of inhalation. Collected in the Subsection of Skills, Pervasive Divinity Section of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era, the book is valuable for the study of the Daoist theory and practice of the art of breath.