Wan Tusen Seen Koon (Yunquan Xianguan), Hong Kong

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The Wan Tsuen Seen Koon ( 雲泉仙館 Yunquan Xianguan ), which was originally located on Mt. Xiqiao in Nanhai County, Guangdong Province, worshiped patriarch Lü Chunyang and was very prosperous. In 1938, the Japanese army swept across the region of Guangzhou and stationed itself on Mt. Xiqiao. During the War of Resistance against Japan, Hong Kong was occupied and transportation was blocked. Unable to return to the Patriarch's Hall on Mt. Xiqiao in Nanhai to celebrate the birthday of the Patriarch and pay homage to him, some disciples set up a branch of the temple in Hong Kong so as to continue Daoist activities and save, relieve and aid the people. Later, it was registered as a non-profit limited corporation, and all its affairs were managed by an administrative committee. In 1975, the temple bought a new site in Pingfeng, Fenling. In 1986, "Chunyang Hall" was enlarged and completed, and the first chrysanthemum show was held at that time. From then on, the temple has attracted more and more pilgrims, and it has held a chrysanthemum show every year.


The temple always takes venerating teachers and teachings and practicing benevolence as its guidelines. At its beginning, it gave gruel to aid the hungry and saved numerous countrymen residing abroad when Hong Kong was occupied. After being recovered, it has never stopped donating clothes and medicine, assisting students and honoring the aged, giving alms to disaster areas, and propagating the teachings and persuading people to do good deeds.


  1. 21/F Building No. 335-339, Aberdeen Main Road West, Hong Kong.
  2. Ping Che Road, Ta Ku Ling, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Telephone: (852) 25472569 / 26742194

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