The East Dao Temple on Mt. Hua (Huayin County, Shanxi)

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Originally named the Nine Heavens Palace ( 九天宮 Jiutian Gong ), the East Dao Temple ( 東道院 Dongdao Yuan ) lies at Qingke Ping, about 10km from the valley entrance of Mt. Hua in Huayin County, Shanxi Province. Because it lies to the east of Qingke Bridge, people call it the East Dao Temple. During the Wanli Era (573--1620) of the Ming Dynasty, a Supreme Hua College lied here. In the 53rd year (1714) of the Kangxi Era in the Qing Dynasty, Daoist priest Yun Lihui rebuilt the college as the Nine Heavens Palace. Facing the east, the temple was small, with three main halls and about as many rooms as Daoist dorms, etc. The main hall was for the worship of Mysterious Maiden of the Nine Heavens ( 九天玄女 Jiutian Xuannü ), so it was originally named the Nine Heavens Palace. In 1950 and 1982, the temple was greatly repaired.

Several pagoda trees of the Tang Dynasty stand in leafy profusion at the north of the temple. To the south lie Peach Blossom Cave ( 桃花洞 Taohua Dong ), White Coat Cave ( 白衣洞 Baiyi Dong ), and Snowflake Cave ( 雪花洞 Xuehua Dong ), which were excavated in the Yuan Dynasty. Now a branch temple of Jade Spring Temple ( 玉泉院 Yuquan Yuan ) , East Dao Temple belongs to Complete Perfection ( 全真 Quanzhen ) Daoists. In 1982, the temple was approved as one of the key temples of the state.