Biography of Perfect Man Ye of the Tang Dynasty

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The 1-volumed Biography of Perfect Man Ye of the Tang Dynasty ( 《唐葉真人傳》 Tang Ye Zhenren Zhuan ) by Zhang Daotong of the Song Dynasty, prefaced by Ma Guangzu in the 2nd year of the Chunyou era of the Lizong Emperor of the Song dynasty, was a biography of Ye Fashan, a Daoist of the Tang. Ye, a Daoist in the time of the Xuanzong Emperor of Tang, was famous for his mastery of Daoist skills. The Old History of the Tang and vol. 26 of Extended Records of the Taiping Era collects biographies of Ye. Xuanzong Emperor mandated him to be Hongluqing, Duke of Yue, and titled him as Governor of Yue after his death. He was entitled Master of Law who Realized Emptiness and Simplicity ( 致虛見素法師 Zhixu Jiansu Fashi ) and Perfected Man of Numinous Emptiness and Simplicity ( 靈虛見素真人 Lingxu Jiansu Zhenren ) in the 6th year of Hui Emperor's Zhenghe era in the Song Dynasty. Containing myths and historic events, the book, collected in the Subsection of Biographies, Pervasive Divinity Section of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era, is important material for the study of Ye Fashan.