Body of Original Chastity

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Body of Original Chastity

"Body of Original Chastity" ( 元貞之體 yuanzhen zhiti ) is a term of Feminine Alchemy ( 女丹 nüdan ). "Chastity" means purity, and "original" means initial. The whole term describes the state of a female practitioner of Inner Alchemy ( 內丹 neidan ) after "Cutting the Red Dragon" ( 斬赤龍 zhan chilong ). The reason for this description is that by cutting the "red dragon", the turbid Yin menses in a female’s body have transformed into the pure Yang Vital Breath ( 氣 qi ), which results in a series of changes in the form, most fundamentally the change in the color of menses from red to yellow and from yellow to white. This white liquid is the essence of a female of original chastity. Being refined, it can further transform into the Vital Breath. To obtain a "Body of Original Chastity" is the necessary condition for a female to continue her cultivation of Inner Alchemy. Without a change in the nature of the Vital Breath, the other steps are out of the question. Therefore, in Feminine Alchemy, the "Body of Original Chastity" is the sign of an initial art of Inner Alchemy and is of great significance.