Book of Rituals of the Orthodox Oneness

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The 1-volumed Book of Rituals of the Orthodox Oneness ( 《正一威儀經》 Zhengyi Weiyi Jing ) by an unknown author collects 131 kinds of rituals of the Orthodox Oneness tradition. According to a myth in the book, the Primeval Lord of Heaven ( 元始天尊 Yuanshi Tianzun ) transmitted this Book in Jade Clarity Palace of Triple Essence ( 玉清三華殿 Yuqing Sanhua Dian ) to the Supreme Venerable Sovereign ( 太上老君 Taishang Laojun ) and the latter in turn to Zhang Daoling as well as all kind-hearted people. Containing rituals for receiving the Dao, wearing Daoist clothes, entering the meditation room, presenting memorials, reading scriptures, preaching scriptures, and attending to teachers, the book, collected in the Subsection of Rituals, Pervasive Divinity section of the Daoist Canon of Zhengtong Era is valuable material for the study of Orthodox Oneness rituals.