Chart of the Ranks of the Perfect Souls

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The 1-volumed Chart of the Ranks of the Perfect Souls ( 《真靈位業圖》 Zhenling Weiye Tu ), or in its complete title, Chart of the Ranks of the Perfect Souls of Pervasive Mystery and Numinous Treasure ( 《洞玄靈寶真靈位業圖》 Dongxuan Lingbao Weiye Tu ), by Tao Hongjing of the Liang dynasty, divides the Daoist system of immortals into heavenly, earthly and human deities and perfected saints into seven hierarchical subsystems, each with its own main deity in the middle and assistant deities on the left and right. The main deities of the seven hierarchies are: the Primeval Sovereign of Heaven in Jade Clarity ( 玉清元始天尊 Yuqing Yuanshi Tianzun ), the Great Blackish-yellow Sovereign of Dao in Jade Constellation ( 玉晨玄黃大道君 Yuchen Xuanhuang Dadao Jun ), the Great Ultimate Imperial Sovereign of in the Golden Palace ( 太極金闕帝君 Taiji Jingque Dijun ), the Supreme Venerable Sovereign in Supreme Clarity ( 太清太上老君 Taiqing Taishang Laojun ), the Minister of Nine Palaces ( 九宮尚書 Jiugong Shanshu ), the Perfected Sovereign Who Determines Wealth ( 定祿真君 Dinglu Zhenjun ), the Great Emperor of the Northern Fengdu Netherworld ( 北陰豐都大帝 Beiyin Fengdu Dadi ). Also included in the chart are Confucian sages and saints, such as Yao, Shun and Yan Hui, as well as some emperors, including Qin Shihuang, Zhou Wenwang, Han Gaozu and Han Guangwu. The chart, which ranks the Primeval Sovereign of Heaven in the highest position, highlights the Maoshan tradition's position in Daoism. Reflecting the strict feudal caste system, the chart systemizes the numerous and mixed Daoist immortals. The book is collected in the Subsection of Biographies, Pervasive Divinity Section of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era.