Daoism in Europe and America

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In recent years, Daoism has spread to Europe and America and has produced some influence.


Zhongfu Temple is seated in Arizona. Its master Dr. Kandi visited the White Cloud Temple in Beijing, the Black Sheep Temple in Chengdu, Embracing Simplicity Temple in Hangzhou in 1987. In New York, there is a Heavenly Matriarch Temple and its director visited the White Cloud Temple in Beijing in 1988. Xia Mangen, director of the Purple Root Pavilion in San Francisco visited the White Cloud Temple in Beijing in 1989. The director of Ultimate Mystery Temple in Hawaii visited the White Cloud Temple in Beijing in 1990. Its director is the daughter of the 63th Celestial Master. Ching Chung Koon has branches in the states. Prof. Saso at the University of Hawaii learned Daoism in Taiwan and edited the Continued Daoist Canon of Zhuanglin.


There is Penglai Temple in Toronto, Canada. In 1988, Director Min Zhiting, Xie Zongxin were invited to this temple to give lectures on Daoist philosophy and cultivation. Ching Chung Koon has branches in Canada.


There are thousands of Daoist devotees in England. A British Daoist Association was founded in 1996 and started the journal, Dragon's Month.


There is Daoist association in France. Ms. Cheng Zhifan, chairwoman of this association visited China with a delegation. Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes de Paris has a Daoist studies group. The adviser, Kristofer Shipper learned Daoism in Taiwan for several years and he is a registered Daoist priest. This group finished a large project, i.e., Thorough Investigation of Daoist Canon.


Daoism went to Australia one century ago by immigrants. Temple of Emperor Guan was built a long time ago. Ching Chung Koon started a branch in 1991 in Sidney and began another branch in New South Whales in 1999 Australia. Australian Chinese Chen Jingzhong built Temple of Immortal Huang in Australia in 1999. Min Zhiting led a delegation to attend an important ritual.

In addition, many students from Europe and America went to the Chinese Social Science Academy and the Religious Studies Institute of Sichuan University to study Daoism since the 1980s. Daoism is increasingly recognized and understood internationally.