Guangcheng's Compilation of Rituals

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Guangcheng's Compilation of Rituals ( 《廣成儀制》 Guangcheng Yizhi ), edited by Chen Zhouda with the literal title "Yunfeng Yuke", was first published in 1911 by the Temple of the Two Immortals ( 二仙庵 Er Xian An ) in Chengdu in block-printed edition and republished in 1913. Containing all kinds of rituals of the Complete Perfection collected under 275 subtitles, it is considered till now as the most comprehensive collection of Complete Perfection rituals. Besides regular Complete Perfection rituals such as the Great Assembly of the Triple Origin ( 三元大會 Sanyuan Dahui ), the Offering for the Nine Emperors ( 九皇醮 Jiuhuang Jiao ), the King Saluting Ritual ( 接王駕 Jie Wang Jia ), the Offering for the Dipper ( 斗醮 Doujiap ), and the Offering Ritual for the Primordial Star ( 元辰醮儀 Yuanchen Jiaoyi ), it also contains soul salvation rituals such as the Fast for the Salvation of Others ( 度人齋 Duren Zhai ), the Ghost Feeding Ritual ( 施食儀 Shishi Yi ), and some folk rituals for averting misfortunes, such as eliminating plaque, driving ants away, preventing fire accidents, etc. By widely absorbing the rituals of other sects including the Numinous Treasure ( 靈寶 Lingbao ), the Pristine Subtlety ( 清微 Qingwei ), etc., it amends the rituals by following the Complete Perfection ( 全真 Quanzhen ) style as the standard. Many rituals in the book are compiled in adaptation to folk beliefs and thus rich in folk-custom flavor. Some show the local color of such regions as Sichuan and the Yangtze basin. The book was originally stored in the Ancient Eternal Dao Temple ( 古常道觀 Gu Changdao Guan ) on Mt. Qingcheng, with some volumes lost. The Celestial Master's Grotto ( 天師洞 Tianshi Dong ) made up the deficiency through organizing some Daoists to copy the lost ones. It is collected in the Rituals Section of the Collection of Daoist Scriptures Outside the Canon.