Large Cymbals

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The Cymbal ( 鐃鏺Nao Ba ) is a Daoist ritual instrument. The Jade Book of Supreme Clarity ( 《太清玉冊》Taiqing Yuche ) says, "Chi You drove tigers and leopards to fight the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor struck cymbals to repel them, for these beasts feared the sound of cymbals." The Commentary on the Book of Yibao ( 《夷寶經注》Yibao Jing Zhu ) says, "The Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery ( 太乙救苦天尊Taiyi Jiuku Tianzun ) rides a nine-headed lion ( 九頭獅子Jiu Tou Shizi ) whose roar is like the sound of cymbals and can destroy the hells