Longevity Temple (Linxia, Gansu)

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Lying on the slope of Beiyuan Mountain in the northern suburb of Linxia, Gansu, Longevity Temple ( 萬壽觀Wanshou Guan ) was called the Temple of the Great Hermit and Feiyang Immortal Courtyard in ancient times. Originally built in the 6th year of the Dade Era of the Cheng Emperor of Yuan, it was mainly comprised of the Hall of the Perfect Warrior, the Pavilion of the Jade Emperor, the Pavilion of the Three Pristine Ones, the Pavilion of the Original Chaos and the Tower of Original Qian, etc. Rebuilt many times in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was ruined by war in 1928. Later, local people such as Zhao Tiankui and the Daoist priest Wang Yunping collected money and rebuilt it. Suffering some damages later, the temple was repaired in 1983. Tier upon tier, the temple has seven tiers of constructions, at the top of which stands the nine-storied octagon named the Precious Tower of Original Qian. Near the temple lie some other Daoist sites of interest, such as the Cave of the Resting Immortal, the Temple of Erlang and the Hall of the Patriarchs, etc.