On Dispelling Doubts and Guiding the Errant

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The 1-volumed On Dispelling Doubts and Guiding the Errant ( 《析疑指迷論》 Xiyi Zhimi Lun ) was written by Niu Dachun of Yuan Dynasty. It has prefaces by different people in different times: Liu Daozhen in the 2nd year Dade era, Wang Daoheng in the 3rd year Dade era, and preface by the author in the 2nd year Yuanzhen era. In the form of questions and answers, the book divides into two chapters:

  1. Dispelling Doubts.
  2. Guiding the Errant. Cha.

Dispelling Doubts

Deals with such questions as what is complete perfection ( 全真 Quanzhen ), mind and narure ( 心性 Xinxing ), spirit and and life ( 性命 Xingming ), entity and function ( 體用 Tiyong ), life and basis ( 命基 Mingji ), the five agents, Dao and things ( 道物 Daowu ), stopping the flow of consciousness ( 止念 Zhinian ), complete mergence of all dharma ( 萬法圓融 Wanfa Yuanrong ), method for pacifying mind ( 安心之法 Anxin Zhi Fa ), mystery of creation ( 造化機 Zaohua Ji ), steps of learning Dao, non-cultivation of Dao ( 道本無修 Dao Ben Wuxiu ), golden elixir ( 金丹 Jindan ). Cha.

Guiding the Errant. Cha

Deals with non-question for Dao ( 道不可問 Dao Buke Wen ), non-transmission of Dao ( 道不可傳 Dao Buke Chuan ), forgetting words on attaining meaning ( 得意忘言 Deyi Wangyan ), sudden and gradual enlightenment, awakening to mind and nature, cultivation of life, essentials for refining elixir, ways for refining elixir. The book explains the sublime theory of Complete Perfection, exposing subtlety of Dao, meaning of nature and life and steps of cultivation, to analyze the errors and direct the misled. As the representative works of complete perfection tradition of Yuan Dyansty collected in Skills Class, Pervasive Perfection Section ( 洞真部 Dongzhen Bu ), Daoist Canon of Zhengtong Era, the book is valuable for the study of Daoist thoughts in yuan Dyansty.