Poison Removal Skills

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Poison Removal Skill ( 出毒之法 Chudu Zhi Fa ) is an outer-alchemical term. The alchemical process can form fire poison (火毒 Huodu ) and gold poison ( 金毒 Jindu ), which must be removed fromn the elixir before taking it. Victims of fire poison victim suffer from tumefaction in the mouth and nose and burnt face. The more severe gold poison can paralyze and even kill the victim. Therefore, alchemists attach much importance to the removal of poison.

According to Immortals on Reversion Elixir, fire poison is removed mainly in two ways. One is the medical method for removing poison. Alchemists force the fire poison out of the elixir with such medicine as 0.5 kg of Wu Chia Pee, Di Yu, Yu Gan Zi and four taels of saltpeter and liquorice. The medicines are powdered and boiled with elixir in water. The water is added in a rotated way and boiled for seven days and nights. After being taken out from the water, the medicines and elixir are put into a cold spring for a month and then in cow milk for one day. They are then boiled in a jar in hot water for 17 days. When dry, the elixir is ground and made into pills with Chinese dates. Another way is by natural dialysis. In this way, alchemists bury the refined elixir into the earth for one year, and then hang it in a well for one year, and then marinate it in water for one year, and again bury it in the earth for one year. When the elixir no longer gives out rays, alchemists make the elixir into pills with nectar and warm it in a box with fire for seven days. The fire poison is thus removed. As for the gold poison, alchemists marinate the elixir with 5 taels of Xuan Ming Fen in 3 liters of water with an expert mastery of the times of the fire phases in the nine times of reversion. The procedure is narrated in detail in the Reversion Elixir Formula for the Catalyzation of Yin and Yang into Purple Gold ( 《陰陽九轉成紫金點化還丹訣》 Yinyang Jiuzhuan Cheng Zijin Dianhua Huanda Jue ) through their Ninefold Reversion.