Record of the Immortals of the Three Grottoes

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The 20-volumed Record of the Immortals of the Three Grottoes( 《三洞群仙錄》 Sandong Qunxian Lu ), authored by Orthodox-Oneness Daoist Chen Baoguang, is a Daoist collection containing biographies of immortals. The preface by Zhuxuan in the 24th year of the Shaoxing era of the Gao emperor of the Song says: Chen Baoguang, a Daoist in Tranquil Correspondence Temple in Jiangyin, compiled this book, collecting all the immortal stories from books of all schools, even from legends and folk tales. Therefore, the book must have been completed by the end of the Northern Song or the beginning of the Southern Song. It records 1054 stories of immortals from Pangu to the Northern Song, with notes of the source of the story. It contains citations from over 200 books. It is similar to the Collection of Stories from the Garden of Immortals ( 《仙苑編珠》 XianYuan Bian Zhu ) in literary type. Collected in the Orthodox Oneness Section ( 正一部 Zhengyi Bu ) of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era ( 《正統道藏》 Zhengtong Daozang ), the book provides reference material for the study of the legends about Daoist immortals.