Tablet of Cui Xu

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The 1-volumed Tablet of Master Cuixu ( 《翠虛篇》 Cuixu Pian ) was written by Chen Nan of the Song Dynasty. The version in vol.17 of the Ten Books on the Cultivation of Perfection inscribes, "transmitted by Gentleman Niwan Chen Pu". The Book was named after the author Chen Nan, one of the five patriarchs of the southern lineage of the golden elixir ( 南五祖 Nan Wuzu ), who was titled "Master Cuixu". Its contents include the Book of the Purple Court ( 《紫庭經》 Ziting Jing ),the Elixir Basis of Returning to the One ( 《丹基歸一論》 Danji Guiyi Lun ), Poems by Maser Cuixu on Luofu Maountain ( 《羅浮翠虛吟》 Luofu Cuxu Yin ), Poetic formulae on the Golden Elixir ( 金丹詩訣 Jindan Shijue ) and another three poems about inner alchemy. Secret Formula on the Golden Elixir of Nine Reversions ( 《九轉金丹秘訣》 Jiuzhuan Jindan Mijue ), collected in the version in Ten Books on the Cultivation of Perfection ( 《修真十書》 Xiuzhen Shishu ), describes the process: descending elixir ( 降丹 Jiangdan ) in the 1st reversion, intercourse the 2nd, cultivating Yang the 3rd, cultivating yin the 4th, changing bones the 5th, changing flesh the 6th, changing organs the 7th, cultivating fire the 8th, ascending to heaven ( 飛升 Feisheng ) the 9th. The formula of each reversion has commentaries and notes. Collected in the Supreme Mystery ( 太玄 Taixuan ) Section of the Daoist Canon of the Zhentong Era, it is important for the study of inner alchemy.