The Donghua Sect

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A branch of The Numinous Treasure Sect, the Donghua sect was founded by a Daoist named Ning Quanzheng. According to historical data, Wang Guyuan, a high-ranking official in the Song dynasty, inherited Daoist skills passed on by Donghua himself, who was also known as Master Danyuan. After that, these skills were passed on to Tian Linxu, who had previously learned the skills of the Numinous Treasure sect. So he integrated the skills of the Donghua sect with those of the Numinous Treasure sect, and passed them down to Ning Quanzheng, who had been summoned to the court of emperor Gao of the Song dynasty, and granted the titles 'Lofty Master of Pervasive Subtlety' and 'Gentleman Assisting in Creation'. In charge of Ritual Offerings in the imperial court, he became extremely famous in the capital city for his special talents in communicating with Saints and spirits. After a few generations, the skills of the Donghua sect were passed to Lin Lingzhen, who devoted himself to the salvation and expiation of souls, and presided over rites for salvation. He was granted the title 'Lofty Master and Preacher Penetrating into the Mystery of the Numinous Treasure'. He was in charge of Daoist affairs at Tianqing Temple. His disciples numbered several hundreds. The Ritual Offerings of the Donghua sect absorbed Inner Alchemy to such a degree that Inner Alchemy came to be regarded as the root of Talismans and Registers.