The General Daoist Association of the Republic of China

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All representatives of the Daoist Association of the Republic of China in Beijing belong to the Complete Perfection Tradition. Therefore, under the direction of the 62nd Celestial master Zhang Yuanxu, the leader of the Orthodox Oneness School, located on Longhu Mountain, in Jiangxi Province, the Orthodox Oneness School decided to set up another nationwide Daoist organization. In September of the first year of the Republic of China(1912), Zhang Yuanxu and representatives of the Orthodox Oneness School from Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi held the initiation conference. They announced the establishment of the General Daoist Association of the Republic of China after that. An office of the Jiangxi Headquarters was set up in Shanghai. Although one thousand people participated in the inaugural meeting, the Daoist association established by the Orthodox Oneness School never received recognition by the government of the Republic of China.


Regard the Yellow Emperor and Laozi as the primal ancestors, build relationships with different schools and advocate Daoism. Maintain the world by means of morality and help human beings to achieve international peace.


The Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi province is the Headquarters, though the general Headquarters is in Beijing and the general department is in Shanghai. All the capital cities can set up subsections. Counties and business centers can have branches.


Anyone, regardless of nationality, who is devoted to Daoism, whether maintaining family life or having renounced it, can be admitted.


As this association had not received official recognition, the General Daoist Association of the Orthodox Oneness School, established under the Republic of China, did not set up on a national level and never had nationwide activities.