The Great Collection of Daoist Rituals

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The 87-volume Great Collection of Daoist Rituals ( 道門科範大全集 Daomen Kefan Daquan Ji ) contains the inscription "edited by Du Guangting, the Gentleman Guangcheng" or "compiled by Zhong Li, a Disciple of the Scriptures and Registers of the Three Grottoes" ( 三洞經籙弟子 Sandong Jinglu Dizi ). Actually, it is the abridgement of Du Guangting's Supreme Yellow Register Fasting Rituals ( 《太上黃籙齋儀》 Taishang Huanglu Zhai Yi ) compiled by a certain Daoist of the Ming dynasty. Perhaps its compiler was the so-called "Zhong Li, a Disciple of the Scriptures and Registers of the Three Grottoes". The book contains 16 kinds of offering rituals, such as the Ritual of the Birthday of the Fundamental Destiny ( 生日本命儀 Shengri Benming Yi ), the Ritual for Averting Diseases through Repentance ( 懺禳疾病儀 Chanrang Jibing Yi ), the Stellar Ritual for Dispelling Disasters ( 消災星曜儀 Xiaozai Xingyao Yi ), the Petition Ritual for Wenchang's Registration ( 文昌注祿章道場儀 Wenchang Zhulu Daochang Yi ), the Numinous Treasure and Supreme Oneness Offering Ritual for Snow and Rain ( 靈寶太一祈雨雪醮儀 Lingbao Taiyi Qi Yuxue Jiaoyi ), the Great Petition Ritual for Offspring ( 祈嗣拜章大醮儀 Qisi Baizhang Dajiao Yi ), the Ritual for Covenanting with the Fire God to Avert Disasters by Keeping Precepts ( 誓火禳災說戒儀 Shihuo Rangzai Shuojie Yi ), the Ritual for Guarding Residences from Harm ( 安宅解犯儀 Anzhai Jiefan Yi ), the Ritual for Averting Disasters ( 解禳星運儀 Jierang Xingyun Yi ), the Single Altar Offering to the Southern and Northern Dippers for Prolonging Life ( 南北二斗同壇延生醮儀 Nanbei Erdou Tongtan Yansheng Jiao Yi ), the Pure Offering to the Northern Dipper for Prolonging Life ( 北斗延生清醮儀 Beidou Yansheng Qingjiao Yi ), the Great Offering to Perfected Warriors for Numinous Correspondence ( 真武靈應大醮儀 Shenwu Lingying Dajiao Yi ), the Repentance Ritual for Daoists' Cultivation ( 道士修真謝罪儀 Daoshi Xiuzhen Xiezui Yi ), the Supreme Clarity Register Rituals for Saving and Promoting Souls ( 上清籙化仙度遷神道場 Shangqing Lu Huaxian Duqianshen Daochang ), the Great Offering and Petition Ritual for Salvation from the Eastern Sacred Mountain ( 東嶽濟度拜章大醮儀 Dongyue Jidu Baizhang Dajiao Yi ), the Great Numinous Treasure Ritual for Offerings to and Worshiping of Deities ( 靈寶崇神大醮儀 Lingbao Chongshen Dajiao Yi ), etc. It narrates in detail about processes of offering petitions, eliminating disasters, repentance, guarding the residence, starting offering, setting up altar, and confessing sins, etc. As a collection of Daoist rituals, the book, though incomplete, contains many rituals for eliminating disasters, repentance and prolonging life. It preserves some ancient rituals of the Five Pecks of Rice Tradition ( 五斗米道 Wudoumi Dao ), such as the Single Altar Offering to the Southern and Northern Dippers for Prolonging Life, the Northern Dipper Lantern Ritual for Repentance ( 北斗懺燈儀 Beidou Chan Deng Yi ), and the Northern Dipper Ritual. The book is collected in the Orthodox Oneness Section of the Daoist Canon.