The Great Collection of Daoist Skills

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The 268-volumed Great Collection of Daoist Skills ( 《道法會元》 Daofa Huiyuan ) was written by some unknown author in about the end of Yuan or the beginning of Ming. With a catalogue at the front, it records over 100 kinds of Daoist skills, such as the pivot of pristine subtle ways ( 清微道法樞紐 Qingwei Daofa Shuniu ), salvation talisman of jade heaven ( 玉宸煉度符法 Yuchen Liandufu Fa ), secret mysterious and numinous way for eliminating misfortunes ( 玄靈解厄秘法 Xuanling Jie’e Mifa ), secret pivot way for presenting memorials ( 玄樞奏告秘法 Xuanshu Zougao Mifa ), secret dragon-and-heaven pointer for inner cultivation ( 龍天內煉秘旨 Longtian Neilian Mizhi ), great prayer for the divine and prompt five thunders ( 神捷五雷祈禱大法 Shenjie Wulei Qidao Dafa ), the highest clarity way of Tianpeng for defeating devils ( 上清天篷伏魔大法 Shangqing Tianpeng Fumo Dafa ), the secret way of Supreme Commander Zhao in the Mysterious Orthodox Oneness altar ( 正一玄壇趙元帥秘法 Zhengyi Xuantan Zhao Yuanshuai Mifa ), the highest way of Jade Clarity and Numinous treasure for limitless salvation ( 玉清靈寶無量度人上道 Yuqing Lingbao Wuliang Duren Shangdao ). Collected in the Orthodox Oneness Section ( 正一部 Zhengyi bu ) of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era, the book is valuable reference for the study of Daoist skills of various traditions in the end of Ming.