The Jade Remorse of the Numinous Treasure

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The 43-volume Jade Remorse of the Numinous Treasure ( 《靈寶玉鑒》Lingbao Yujian ) with an additional catalog was completed by an unknown author in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is divided into 25 categories. Regarding the Numinous Treasure scriptures and skills as the ancestor of all skills, the author explains doubts about Numinous Treasure fasting and skills in volume one: "The Category of Explanations for doubts about Daoist Skills" in the so-called "four interpretations", "eight elucidations", "seven longitudes", "eight latitudes", etc., and subsequent discussion. From volume 2 onwards, the compilation collects registers, talismans, writings, and rituals of the Numinous Treasure Lineage, and classifies them into 24 categories, such as Fasting and Cultivation, Numinous Banners and Baldachin, Certificates and Appeals, Invoking and Sending, Chasing and Capturing by the Divine Tiger, Hiding From Enmity, Distributing Lanterns, Spells on Water and Altars, Offerings in the Morning and Evening, Rites and Regulations, Perfect Writs and Jade Characters, Spiritual Ascending to See the Heavenly Emperor, Registers and Talismans for Water, Casting the Dragon Bamboo Slips, Enlightening the Dark, Salvation through Jade Origin, Summoning the Souls, Preaching, Explanation, Bathing and Clothing, Transforming and Feeding, Salvation through Killing Three Cadavers, and Reviving through Refinement and Salvation. As the concourse of the Numinous Treasure skills, the compilation is collected in the Magic Techniques class, Pervasive Mystery Section, of the Daoist Canon.