The Pivot of Dao

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The Pivot of Dao ( 《道樞》 Daoshu ), compiled by Zeng Zao in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), is a Daoist reference book with 108 chapters in 42 volumes. It is named after a word in the chapter "On the Equality of All Things" ( 《齊物論》 Qiwu Lun ) in the Zhuangzi. The book lists, as special chapters with different explanations, Daoist philosophy, the Hidden Correspondence ( 陰符 Yinfu ), the Yellow Court ( 黃庭 Haungting ), the Supreme Ultimate ( 太極 Taiji ), Ingesting Vital Breath ( 服氣 Fuqi ), Refining the Essence ( 煉精 Lianjing ), the Great Elixir ( 大丹 Dadan ), Breathing arts ( 呼吸 Huxi ), Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息 Taixi ), the Great Reversion Golden Elixir ( 金液還丹 Jinye Huandan ), the Golden Dragon and Azure Tiger ( 金碧龍虎 Jinbi Longhu ), the Five Agents of Lead and Mercury ( 鉛汞五行 Qiangong Wuxing ), the Three Ways United and Normalized of the Book of Changes ( 參同契 Cantong Qi ), the Elixir Mirror ( 入藥鏡 Ruyao Jing ), and the Numinous Treasure ( 靈寶 Lingbao ). Under each title, the book gives an abstract and transmission lineage in 4-word rhymed lines. The book, which preserves Daoist materials from before the Southern Song Dynasty, is a very valuable reference for the study of inner alchemy ( 內丹 Neidan ). It is contained in the Supreme Mystery Section ( 太玄部 Taixuan Bu ) of the Daoist Canon of the Zhengtong Era ( 《正統道藏》 Zhengtong Daozang ).