The Thirty-Six Revered Scriptures

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The Thirty-Six Lofty Scriptures ( 三十六部尊經 Sanshiliu Bu Zunjing ) refer to the Twelve Pervasive Perfection Sections of the Supreme Numinous Treasure ( 太上靈寶洞真 Taishang Lingbao Dongzhen ), the Twelve Pervasive Mystery Sections of the Supreme Numinous Treasure ( 太上靈寶洞玄 Taishang Lingbao Dongxuan ), and the Twelve Pervasive Divinity Sections of the Supreme Numinous Treasure ( 太上靈寶洞神 Taishang Lingbao Dongshen ). According to the Supreme Pervasive Divine Scripture of Grandpa Heaven's Dispelling Demons and Protecting the State ( 《太上洞神天公消魔護國經》Taishang Dongshen Tiangong Xiaomo Huguo Jing ), the thirty-six scriptures total 1,884,220 volumes. The Twelve Pervasive Perfection Sections tell about the creation of Heaven and Earth, the changes of Yin and Yang, the way to Immortality through the Nine-Cycle Revision Elixir ( 九轉還丹 Jiuzhuan Hundan ), and Refining the Body with Liquid Gold ( 金液煉形 Jinye Lianxing ). The Twelve Pervasive Mystery Sections tell how to dispel misfortunes and diseases, perform repentance, and save the dead. The Twelve Pervasive Divinity Sections tell the way of cultivating the body and governing the family state.