Wudang Supreme Oneness Five-Agents Boxing

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Originally named the Twenty-Three Formulae of the Supreme Oneness Five-Agents Arresting and Striking ( 太乙五行擒撲二十三式 Taiyi Wuxing Qinpu Ershisan Shi ), it was an extremely secret boxing art of the Wudang lineage. In 1980, Jin Zitao (1904-1985) performed this boxing method at the National Martial Arts Viewing and Emulation Conference in Taiyuan, Shanxi, and moved all those present. Since then, this boxing form has been revealed to the public and simply known as the Wudang Supreme Oneness Five-Agents Boxing ( 武當太乙五行拳 Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Quan ). Later, Jin was invited back to Mt. Wudang and transmitted the tradition to Zhao Jianying. Zhao, in turn, transmitted it to the Daoist Zhong Yunlong, the present boxing drillmaster of the Wudang Lineage.

Jin Zitao, originally named Aixinjueluo Puxuan, was a royal member of the Qing court and the younger brother of Xuntong Emperor Puyi. Starting in 1929 he went to Wudang Mountain and learned this boxing tradition from Li Helin. Puxuan kept practicing this boxing secretly. He didn't reveal and transmit this boxing to anybody until the public performance in 1980.

With high technique and deep principle, this boxing method has always been considered the Mountain Guarding Treasure of Wudang. Even among the present disciples of the Wudang lineage, few have the opportunity to learn this boxing method, for only the most promising Daoist can be initiated.

Zhang Shouxing, an 8th generation disciple of the Dragon Gate Lineage ( 龍門 Longmen ) in the Ming Dynasty, invented this boxing art. Based on Zhang Sanfeng's Thirteen formulae of the Supreme Oneness ( 太極十三式 Taiji Shisan Sh ), this boxing is very suited for group scuffling owing to its attention to all directions, and its high mobility in prancing, warding, fighting. Simple and unadorned, its laws for footwork and bodily movements value combining softness with strength. As for striking and defense, it stresses arrest techniques, including locking up the neck, blocking the steps, seizing the arms, and dislocating the joints, etc. It is good at the "interposing strike" with the second joint of finger enhanced with bodily movements and footwork. With this technique, one cuts in with a foot to block the enemy's vanguard foot, and then turns a knee and presses the enemy to freeze him or even break his shank, and strikes the enemy in his ribs with "twining strength". Besides, its palm-strike, with relaxation and softness as its basis and strength from the interior, is very heavy and explosive and fully shows the Wudang lineage's characteristics of internal-force martial arts.

Formulae of the Wudang Supreme Oneness Five-Agents Boxing

  • Preparation: Vital breath of Chaotic Oneness, circumrotation of heaven and earth
  1. The white ape bounes out; double peaks stab toward the sun
  2. Drawing the horse reins at the cliff; propping up the clouds from the seabed
  3. The flood-dragon flying in chaos; the thunderbolt striking the mountain flood
  4. The rhinoceros watching towards the moon; turning round and lifting the sky
  5. The black lion holding a ball; golden rays flashing in the court
  6. The panther standing quietly; raising his neck
  7. The roc stretching his wings; beasts escaping with fear
  8. The deer picking glossy ganoderma; the deer bowing to drink in the brook
  9. The yellow boa spitting dribble; flirting and attracting ants
  10. The carp springing; waves surging forward
  11. The lanneret exploring the mountains; seizing chickens with two claws
  12. The immortal crane blasting off; dancing in wind and clouds
  13. The golden monkey stealing the elixir; calming the fire in the furnace
  14. The black maiden reaching for the moon; pacifying billows
  15. The black bear striking backhanded; overawing the forest
  16. The golden toad gaining salvation; lying drunken in the Jade Pond
  17. The magpie stepping on a bough; standing cool in the plum-tree shade
  18. The black dragon entering the sea; pacifying the mind
  19. The mustang's quivering mane; temper getting violent
  20. The divine ape entering the cave; the spirit returning to the heart
  21. The phoenix high up in the air; all birds singing in chorus
  22. Taming the tiger in the numinous platform; guarding the yellow court forever
  23. Embracing the origin and keeping to oneness; vital breath of righteousness eternally existing
  24. Conclusion: combining motion and stillness, circumrotating heaven and earth