Xue Shi

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Xue Shi's Life

His other names were Xue Daoguang and Xue Daoyuan, and his literary name was Taiyuan. He lived in the Northern Song dynasty, and came from the Nang realm, which is known as Nangzhong, Sichuan province. According to another version, he came from Mt. Jizhu, Shaanxi. In his early age, he was a Buddhist monk, and his religious name was Zixian. He was also known as Master Piling. According to the General Record of Shaanxi ( 陝西通志 Shaanzi Tongzhi ), he met Shi Tai in the fifth Chongning year of the Northern Song emperor Hui (AD 1106) and got a formula of Inner Alchemy from him. After that, he moved to the capital city, and converted to Daoism. His Daoist title was 'Perfect Man Zixian' ( 紫賢真人 Zixian Zhenren ). He was famous for his theory of Inner Alchemy. Xue Shi was also considered as the third generation successor among the Five Southern Patriarchs.


  1. His books include the Rhythmic Formulas of the Elixir Essence ( 丹髓歌 Dansui Ge ),
  2. Tablet of the Reversion Elixir and Return to Life ( 還丹復命篇 Huandan Fuming Pian ), and
  3. Commentary to the Tablet on Realizing Perfection ( 悟真篇注 Wuzhenpian Zhu ).