Yanqing Temple (Kaifeng, Henan)

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Situated on the northeast bank of Baoguang Lake at the southwest corner of Kaifeng, Henan, Yanqing Temple ( 延慶觀 Yanqing Guan ) was originally called Chongyang Temple in commemoration of Wang Chongyang, the founder of The Complete Perfection School ( 全真派 Quanzhen Pai ), who transmitted Dao and died here. In the 9th year of the Dading Era of the Jin Dynasty (1169), Wang Chongyang, together with his four disciples Ma Yu, Tan Chudaun,Liu Chxuan and Qiu Chuji, lodged in Wang's hotel at Taining Village in Kaifeng on their way from Shandong to Shaanxi. Wang Chongyang transmitted Dao and died here before long. In memory of the ancestor, later generations built Chongyang Temple ( 重陽觀 Chongyang Guan ). In the early Yuan dynasty, Wang Zhijin, an abbot appointed by Qiu Chuji, undertook construction on a large scale and accomplished a magnificent temple after 13 years' efforts. The emperor of the Yuan Dynasty bestowed on it the name "Temple of Longevity" ( 萬壽宮 Wanshou Gong ). At the end of the Yuan, the rebel Red Turban army seized Kaifeng and the Temple of Longevity was ruined. Restored in the 6th year of the Hongwu Era of the Ming, it was renamed as Yanqing Temple. In the 15th year (1642) of the Chongzhen Era, it was flooded by the Yellow River. In the 7th year (1668) of the Kangxi Era, Daoist followers donated money and rebuilt the temple. In the 21st year (1841) of the Daoguang Era, the temple was flooded again by the Yellow River. Repaired twice in the 20th year (1894) and 34th year (1908) of the Guangxu Era, the temple was restored a little bit.

The rebuilt temple included the Hall of Ancestor Lu ( 呂祖殿 Luzu Dian ), the Hall of the Three Pristine Ones ( 三清殿 Sanqing Dian ), the Jade Emperor Pavilion ( 玉皇閣 Yuhuang Ge ) , the Hall of the Three Officials ( 三官殿 San’guan Dian ), and several side rooms. However, only the Jade Emperor Pavilion survived the great changes of the modern times. In recent years, the municipal government repaired the Yanqing Temple. In the newly built great hall, a wax statue of Wang Chongyang sits in the middle. On the east wall is the colored painting of Wang Chongyang and his disciples and on the west is a painting of Wang Zhijin building the temple. On the 1st floor of the Jade Emperor Pavilion stands a bronze statue of The Great Perfect Warrior Emperor ( 真武大帝 Zhenwu Dadi ). Cast in the Ming Dynasty, it is a precious cultural relic of Daoism.