The Ten Great Grotto Heavens

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Grotto Heavens & Blissful Realms
The Ten Continents and Three Islands
The Ten Great Grotto Heavens
The Thirty-six Lesser Grotto Heavens
The Seventy-two Auspicious Realms
Famous Mt.
Mt.Tai Mt. Heng (Hunan province) Mt. Hua

Mt. Heng (Northern Shanxi Province and Northwest Hebei province)
Mt. Qian Mt. Wuyi Mt. Wudang Mt. Qingcheng Mt. Song
Mt. Mao Mt. Kongdong Mt. Zhongnan Mt. Gezao
Mt. Qiyun Mt. Lao Mt. Longhu Mt. Lu Mt. Luofu

The Ten Great Grotto Heavens are located among the famous mountains on the Earth, and are governed by Immortals who are sent by divinities in Heaven. According to Volume 27 of the Seven Slips of a Cloudy Satchel, these Ten Great Grotto Heavens are: the first, Mt Wangwu Grotto; the second, Mt Weiyu Grotto; the third, Mt Xicheng Grotto; the fourth, Mt Xixuan Grotto; the fifth, Mt Qingcheng Grotto; the sixth, Mt Chicheng Grotto; the seventh, Mt Luofu Grotto; the eighth, Mt Gouqu Grotto; the ninth, Mt Linwu Grotto; the tenth, Mt Cang Grotto.