The Ten Continents and Three Islands

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Grotto Heavens & Blissful Realms
The Ten Continents and Three Islands
The Ten Great Grotto Heavens
The Thirty-six Lesser Grotto Heavens
The Seventy-two Auspicious Realms
Famous Mt.
Mt.Tai Mt. Heng (Hunan province) Mt. Hua

Mt. Heng (Northern Shanxi Province and Northwest Hebei province)
Mt. Qian Mt. Wuyi Mt. Wudang Mt. Qingcheng Mt. Song
Mt. Mao Mt. Kongdong Mt. Zhongnan Mt. Gezao
Mt. Qiyun Mt. Lao Mt. Longhu Mt. Lu Mt. Luofu

During the Warring States periods, Immortalist Magicians seeking Immortality ( 神仙方士 Shenxian Fangshi ) imagined three divine mountains in the sea, named Penglai, Fangzhang, and Yingzhou, which were said to be the habitations of Immortals ( 仙人 Xianren ) in the Bohai Sea. It was said that drugs of immortality could be found in these mountains. Later, they evolved in Daoism into the Ten Continents and the Three Islands, namely the Zu Continent, the Ying Continent, the Xuan Continent, the Yan Continent, the Chang Continent, the Yuan Continent, the Liu Continent, the Liu Continent, the Sheng Continent, the Fenglin Continent, the Juku Continent, and Kunlun Island, Fangzhang Island, and Penglai Island.

The Ying Continent is said in Daoism to be in the Eastern Sea. It has a circumference of 4,000 li, Immortalist plants grow in abundance, its jade stones stand as high as 1,000 zhang, and its gushing springs, called Yuli Spring, taste like wine and bring people longevity when they drink its water.

Fangzhang Island, one of the Three Islands, is said in Daoism in to be in the East China Sea. It covers 5,000 li and is governed by the Three Heavens' Controller of Destinies ( 三天司命 Santian Siming ). Immortals hoping to ascend to Heaven come to the island to receive the Register of the Supreme Mysterious Birth ( 太上玄生錄 Taishang Xuansheng Lu ). On the island one also finds the palace of the Elder of the Nine Plains ( 九原丈人宮 Jiuyuan Zhangren Gong ), who governs all the water spirits, dragons and snakes, giant whales, and water beasts in the world. Penglai Island, another one of the Three Islands, is said in Daoism to be opposite the northeast bank of the East China Sea. It has a circumference of 5,000 li and is particularly honourable as the big tie used by the Emperor of Heaven ( 天帝 Tiandi ) to tie up the Nine Heavens ( 九天 Jiutian ). Once upon a time, when the mythical emperor Dayu finished regulating the rivers, he came here to worship God on the northern hill, owing his great merit to the Nine Heavens.