The Thirty-six Lesser Grotto Heavens

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The Thirty-six Lesser Grotto Heavens
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Mt.Tai Mt. Heng (Hunan province) Mt. Hua

Mt. Heng (Northern Shanxi Province and Northwest Hebei province)
Mt. Qian Mt. Wuyi Mt. Wudang Mt. Qingcheng Mt. Song
Mt. Mao Mt. Kongdong Mt. Zhongnan Mt. Gezao
Mt. Qiyun Mt. Lao Mt. Longhu Mt. Lu Mt. Luofu

It is said in Daoism that the Thirty-Six Lesser Grotto Heavens ( 三十六小洞天 Sanshiliu Xiao Dongtian ) are located among the famous mountains, which are also governed by the supreme Immortals ( 仙 Xian ). According to Volume 27 of The Seven Slips of a Cloudy Satchel ( 雲笈七籤 Yunji Qiqian ), they include:

  1. Mt Huotong Grotto,
  2. East Mt Tai Grotto,
  3. Southern Mt Heng Grotto,
  4. West Mt Hua Grotto,
  5. North Mt Chang Grotto,
  6. Central Mt Song Grotto,
  7. Mt Emei Grotto,
  8. Mt Lu Grotto,
  9. Mt Siming Grotto,
  10. Mt Guiji Grotto,
  11. Mt Taibai Grotto,
  12. Western Mountain Grotto,
  13. Mt Xiaowei Grotto,
  14. Mt Qian Grotto,
  15. Mt Guigu Grotto,
  16. Mt Wuyi Grotto,
  17. Mt Yusi Grotto,
  18. Mt Huagai Grotto,
  19. Mt Gaizhu Grotto,
  20. Mt Duqiao Grotto,
  21. Mt Baishi Grotto,
  22. Mt Goulou Grotto,
  23. Mt Jiuyi Grotto,
  24. Mt Dongyang Grotto,
  25. Mt Mufu Grotto,
  26. Mt Dayou Grotto,
  27. Mt Jinting Grotto,
  28. Mt Mugu Grotto,
  29. Mt Xiandu Grotto,
  30. Mt Qingtian Grotto,
  31. Mt Zhong Grotto,
  32. Mt Liangchang Grotto,
  33. Mt Zigai Grotto,
  34. Mt Tianmu Grotto,
  35. Mt Taoyuan Grotto,
  36. Mt Jinhua Grotto.