Daoist Beliefs

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Daoist Beliefs
The Great Dao
Original Meaning of Dao
Laozi's Creative Use of The Concept of Dao
The Main Meaning of the Concept of Dao
The Major Functions of Dao
The Significance of Virtue
Expression of the Unity of Dao and Virtue
Becoming an Immortal by Attaining
Dao is ruled by Spontaneity
The Significance of Spontaneity
Observing the Way of Heaven and Following its Motions
The Creation of the World
Formation of the Daoist Theory of Universal Evolution
The Process of The Creation of the World
The Thirty-six Heavens
The Netherworld
Yin-Yang and the Supreme Ultimate
Yin-Yang and the Supreme Ultimate
Vital Breath
The Infinite and the Supreme Ultimate
The Infinite
The Supreme Ultimate and the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate
Yin-Yang and the Five Agents
Social Ideals
Social Ideals
The Ideal of Supreme Peace
Purity, Tranquility and Non-interference
Salvation of Humanity
Philosophy of Life
Understanding Dao and Establishing Virtue
Education by Daoist Enlightenment
Ethical Education and Practise
Ethical Education and Practise
Accumulation of Hidden Merits
The Secret Meaning of Karma
Norms for Doing Good Works
Methods of Doing Good Works

Daoism is an ancient religion with rich and mature contents. It has a very systematic system of Doctrines and Teachings ( 教理教義 Jiaoli Jiaoyi ), corresponding to the theology of the West. These include faith in Dao and the concomitant Cosmogony and theories on the origin of the creation of all beings and transformations; faith in Immortals ( 神仙 Shenxian ); ideals of human society; advocacy of human values, and so on. Each of the latter has several interrelated aspects, forming a complete system. Owing to historical differences, to different trends in Daoism at different times, and to different sects, different Daoist theorists and leaders have had divergences of opinion stemming from their different understanding of their faith. However, with regards to the aforementioned basic aspects of Daoist faith, all Daoists are in basic agreement. In the following presentation of Daoist creeds, we will limit ourselves to commonly shared teachings while, when necessary, presenting some unique perspectives.