Education by Daoist Enlightenment

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Daoist Beliefs
The Great Dao
Original Meaning of Dao
Laozi's Creative Use of The Concept of Dao
The Main Meaning of the Concept of Dao
The Major Functions of Dao
The Significance of Virtue
Expression of the Unity of Dao and Virtue
Becoming an Immortal by Attaining
Dao is ruled by Spontaneity
The Significance of Spontaneity
Observing the Way of Heaven and Following its Motions
The Creation of the World
Formation of the Daoist Theory of Universal Evolution
The Process of The Creation of the World
The Thirty-six Heavens
The Netherworld
Yin-Yang and the Supreme Ultimate
Yin-Yang and the Supreme Ultimate
Vital Breath
The Infinite and the Supreme Ultimate
The Infinite
The Supreme Ultimate and the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate
Yin-Yang and the Five Agents
Social Ideals
Social Ideals
The Ideal of Supreme Peace
Purity, Tranquility and Non-interference
Salvation of Humanity
Philosophy of Life
Understanding Dao and Establishing Virtue
Education by Daoist Enlightenment
Ethical Education and Practise
Ethical Education and Practise
Accumulation of Hidden Merits
The Secret Meaning of Karma
Norms for Doing Good Works
Methods of Doing Good Works

One should choose and foster his own Daoist ideal of life, but at the same time, the Daoist ideal of life should be publicized and spread by men of insight.

The popularization of Daoist knowledge

Daoism is both an ancient religion and a religion that develops with time and keeps its vitality. It is necessary to let people understand Daoism in order for them to study and apply its true essence. In ancient times, the Daoist function of enlightenment was revealed and Daoist doctrines were popularized mainly through the spread of scriptures, the explanations of those who had attained Dao citing their own experience, and different religious activities. In modern times, Daoism begins to make use of the public news media to probe into the essential meanings, expound the mysterious and profound doctrines, and popularize relevant knowledge. The establishment of the Daoist Culture Information Centre is the latest attempt. In addition, by carrying out education, contemporary Daoist circles serve society on one hand, and on the other hand objectively enable people to contact Daoism from childhood and gain some elementary knowledge of Daoism.

The spread of the spirit of philosophical Daoism

The spirit of philosophical Daoism embodies the splendid cultural spirit of the Chinese nation. Contemporary men of insight have attached great importance to the application of it to the economy, politics, and society. Daoist culture is a broad system, an inexhaustible treasure house of wisdom, and a significant resource for the construction of modern culture. For instance, Daoist ideas of environmental protection are of significant value. Contemporary people suffering enough from environmental pollution should keenly feel pain about the evil consequences of the excessive manipulation of the environment and the plunder of environmental resources. Meanwhile, they will certainly feel that the Daoist idea of environmental protection and the establishment of a harmonious relation with the environment is kind and beneficial. Daoism does not regard environmental protection merely as a specific social measure, but takes it to be an attitude toward life and as a world outlook. This is where it is more brilliant than common people, and this point itself is sufficient to demonstrate the greatness and profundity of Daoist wisdom. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every person in Daoist circles to exploit this resource. Since modern times, many scholars, specialists and Daoists have been devoted to the development, research and application of Daoist culture and have made many achievements.

This information center is willing to introduce this precious wealth to more friends and let everybody enjoy the use of Daoist cultural resources together, in order to make Daoist culture a reference and instruction for contemporary people to foster a correct ideal in life and make it benefit mankind.