The Talismans and Registers Sect

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The Talismans and Registers Tradition was also called Talismanic WaterDaoism, which was the general calling for Daoist sects using Magical Skills such as Talismans and Incantations to dispel demons and cure the sick. The Five Pecks of Rice Tradition and the Supreme Peace in the early days of Daoism, as well as The Numinous Treasure Sect, The Higher Clarity Sect and The Orthodox Oneness Sect in later times, belonged to the Talismans and Registers tradition. Since the Han and Wei dynasties, this tradition had remained in the mainstream of Daoism.

During the Song and Yuan dynasties (AD 960-1368), conceptual and doctrinal reforms in alignment with the new social situation led to the emergence of new Talismans and Registers sects such as The Divine Heaven Sect, The Pristine Subtlety Sect and The Pure Brightness Sect. This led to some innovations in Talismans and Registers and other Magical Skills.

After the Yuan dynasty (AD 1271-1368), all Talismans and Registers sects were united under the domination of the Orthodox Oneness sect which, originating from ancient shamanism, employed Talismans and Registers and rites to avoid disasters and cure the sick as well as save lives, in a manner closely integrated into ordinary peoples' daily life and social conventions.