Daoism among the Gelao Ethnic Group

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Daoism in Minority Regions
Tujia Ethnic Group Maonan minority

Bai Ethnic Group Zhuang Ethnic
Jing Ethnic Group Qiang Ethnic Group
Miao Ethnic Group Naxi Ethnic Group
Yao Ethnic Group Gelao Ethnic Group

The main religious belief in modern times of the Gelao is Daoism. Gelao Daoism is divided into the Maoshan Sect and the Meishan Sect. When the Gelao need religious services, they will invite Meishan Daoist priests for rituals. The religious practice of the Maoshan Daoist priests is very close to that of Daoist priests of Han areas. The Meishan sect has more local, Gelao characteristics. The difference between the two sects is similar to the difference between the Daoist priests and the Master priests found in Yao communities. Maoshan Daoists are known as Daoist priests, while Meishan Daoists are known as Master priests.