Daoism among the Qiang Ethnic Group

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Daoism in Minority Regions
Tujia Ethnic Group Maonan minority

Bai Ethnic Group Zhuang Ethnic
Jing Ethnic Group Qiang Ethnic Group
Miao Ethnic Group Naxi Ethnic Group
Yao Ethnic Group Gelao Ethnic Group

Several Daoist temples have been built in Qiang regions in modern times. Qiang families in Lixian hire Daoists to conduct funeral services. It is very common for Daoist priests to chant sutras when visiting the grave during Tomb-sweeping Day and the Festival of the Spirits of the Dead, to cherish the memory of the dead. Han Chinese and the Qiang, alike, will go to visit when Daoist priests chant sutras and conduct rituals. Qiang masters regard the Three Purities as the ancestral origin of their religious lineage and the Great Perfect Warrior Emperor as their ancestor in charge of maintaining their religion. The Qiang master's incantation is quite similar to that of Daoism, in that it ends with the words, "act under orders of the Supreme Venerable Sovereign, take immediate action as laws and decrees."