Daoism among the Naxi Ethnic Group

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Daoism in Minority Regions
Tujia Ethnic Group Maonan minority

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Jing Ethnic Group Qiang Ethnic Group
Miao Ethnic Group Naxi Ethnic Group
Yao Ethnic Group Gelao Ethnic Group

The Naxi nationality of the Lijiang area in Yunnan province believes in Daoism and has Cavern Scripture Societies organized by Daoist believers. The Cavern Scripture Society got its name for its propagation of Wenchang's Immortal Book of the Great Grotto (《文昌大洞仙經》 Wechang Dadong Xianjing ). Those who join in the society must kowtow and swear an oath to Imperial Sovereign Wenchang to promise that they will fulfill their obligations. Every year the Cavern Scripture Society will regularly put up pictures of Daoist divinities and set up altars for Daoist rituals in the palaces of Wenchang and the temples of Emperor Guan and in the yards of private houses, to offer sacrifices to a large number of Daoist divinities such as the Primeval Lord of Heaven, the Supreme Venerable Sovereign, the Great Jade Emperor, the Imperial Sovereign Wenchang, the Imperial Sovereign Saintly Guan. And they also show their respect to the Buddha and a small number of Confucians as well. The Cavern Scripture Society chants over 10 Daoist scriptures accompanied by music. Such music is called Cavern Scripture Music, which is essentially a type of Daoist music in spite of its being permeated with the local music of the minorities. The well-known Lijiang Classical Music is a sort of Cavern Scripture Music ( 洞經音樂 Dongjing Yinyue ), whose tunes are full of the Daoist characteristics of immortality.