Daoism among the Maonan minority

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Daoism in Minority Regions
Tujia Ethnic Group Maonan minority

Bai Ethnic Group Zhuang Ethnic
Jing Ethnic Group Qiang Ethnic Group
Miao Ethnic Group Naxi Ethnic Group
Yao Ethnic Group Gelao Ethnic Group

The religious belief of the Maonan is mainly Daoist, though with some Buddhist influence, as well. Maonan Daoist priests mainly conduct rituals to deliver the dead soul. When the Maonan or their livestock are unwell, they hire Daoists to conduct rituals to pacify the dragon and thank the earth. At that time they will hang up pictures of Daoist gods like the Celestial Master, the City God ( 城隍 Chenghuang ) and the Stove God ( 灶王 Zaowang ).